Developing with the spirit of creation and challenge

With its management philosophy, we have been producing a variety of high-quality yarns for clothing since 1986.

Hohae Textile has been producing a variety of high-quality yarns for clothing since 1986.

Hohae Textile has been developing and producing special filament yarns suitable for the high-end S/S fashion market for more than 30 years through omnidirectional research and development on fiber/dyeing, and we now supply high-end wool blended yarns to the high-end S/S and F/W fashion markets centered around the completion of our next-generation, high-tech, consumable spinning factory.

Hohae Textile is building a vertical system based on a fully automated system covering everything from raw material selection to yarn processing and dyeing, and even now, all employees are striving to make the company a leader in the textile/dyeing industry based on continuous R&D and investment.
Recently, Hohae Textile has been increasingly expanding its domestic market share based on its excellent facilities, technical manpower, and expertise related to quality control, while expanding worldwide to countries including the United States, China, and Japan, as well as European and other Asian countries.

hohae's management


Value is a byproduct of change and innovation.

Hohae Textile is striving to pursue new challenges and create new values through continuous investment and innovation.

We constantly research new materials and new production methods to bring forth the innovation desired by the market, and we are actively satisfying the needs of the market through new machine expansion, add-ons (core yarn, silo-fil, etc.), and renovation, without settling with simply having the latest facilities.

hohae's vision


Hohae Textile connects textiles with human life for a better future.

To enrich human life by organically linking the knowledge, technology, and solutions we have amassed over a long period of time with new fields - this is the connection between textiles and human life that we seek.

By actively discovering industries in all fields that can be fused with the value of textiles, we are striving to combine the beauty and luxury of textiles with new materials and new fields.



Hohae Textile is advancing its quality management system to improve customer trust and satisfaction. In order to advance our Quality Management System, the Quality Management Task Force Team is constantly operated, and through this, we are able to discover nonconformities among major processes and bring about improvements. In addition, we provide quality mindset training on a quarterly basis through quality workshops at each business site to establish quality awareness among employees, and we are also actively encouraging facility investment to achieve the highest possible quality.

신제품 개발 프로세스

New product development process

When developing new products, the quality management standards are always reorganized, and to ensure stability of quality from the development stage onwards, we have established and continue to develop a standard development process based on a gated review method for each process.

Even after the completion of a new product, we conduct at least 100 sample tests for each item to ensure stable mass production, and in order to minimize unexpected adverse events, we actively utilize the inspection/certification process of the Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI).


Laboratory (textile/dye)

Each business site has its own laboratory, and for more complete quality management, we conduct a myriad of sample tests in real time at all stages from purchasing raw materials, pre-production, mid-production, and post-production, to product shipment.

In particular, for gated review by process stage, experts in the laboratory calculate the inputs and outputs of each process in real time through dozens of tests using the latest equipment, and promptly respond according to the results.

제품 재검사

Product re-inspection

Although we presently have an extremely advanced quality management system, Hohae Textiles continues to strive for a 0% defect rate.

After the production of finished products, skilled workers with more than 15 years of experience who are a part of the Quality Management Task Force Team are always present when products are packaged, and selective sample tests are additionally conducted. In the event of a problem, the workers actively respond to orders for suspension of shipment, cause analysis, and problem solving. Such thorough quality management is the promise of Hohae Textiles based on trust with customers.


  • • Establishment of Hohae Textile Co,.Ltd. Establishment of Hohae Business

  • • Completion of Hohae Textile Special Yarn Factory 1 Selected by Citibank (old KorAm Bank) as promising small and medium-size company

  • • Approving the start-up of small and medium-sized business

  • • Completion of Hohae Dyeing Factory 1

  • • Completion of Hohae Textile Special Yarn Factory 2

  • • Completion of Hohae Textile Special Yarn Factory 3

  • • Extension of equipment of plant 1 in Hohae dyeing factory, Selected by Citibank (old KorAm Bank) as best midsize corporation, Ground-breaking ceremony for building the Hohae Textile's headquarters (Seocho-dong)


  • • Won the President's Commendation of the 14th Textile Day

  • • Newly built Dalian, China's branch of Hohae Textile Co., Ltd.

  • • Completion of Hohae Dyeing Factory2

  • • A ground breaking ceremony for Hohae Textile Worsted Spinning Mill

  • • Completion of Hohae Textile Worsted Spinning Mill

  • • Expansion of equipment for the Worsted Spinning Mill

  • • Second extension and relocation of the equipment of the Worsted Spinning Mill

  • • Hohae Textile merges with Hohae Global